Monday, April 15, 2013

10 Questions for Arianna Carmona

Arianna Carmona wears the S-One Lifer Helmet

Name: Arianna Carmona
Age: 14
Hometown: Buena Park, CA

1) How did you hear about or know about S-One Helmets? 
A lot of people have them and I always hear people talk about them.
2) How do you like your  S1 Lifer Helmet?
I like it a lot and I love the color!
3) What grade are you in?
4) What is your favorite school subject?
5) How was it skating Tony's (Hawk) ramp?
It was awesome, one of the best and nicest ramps I ever rode.
6) Best experience at the combi...
Landing a board slide rock n roll.
7) Worst experience at the combi...
Rolling my ankle bad and being out for about a month.
8) Favorite trick?
Frontside airs and rock n rolls.
9) What is your current set up? (boards, trucks wheels etc)
Logan Earth Ski Deck, Independent trucks, Jessup Grip, Bones wheels, Bones Swiss bearings, Independent Risers, Shorty's hardware, and Pig rails.
10) What are your plans for the summer?
Skate ALOT and basically just have fun.