Monday, April 1, 2013

10 Questions for Sky Siljeg By: Lester Kasai

As time treads forward, there is always a new crop to be harvested and a new generation of growth.  The same holds true in skateboarding.  New skateboarding generations push forward to develop a refreshed path of self expression. 
During this current evolution of skateboarding, we have witnessed numerous concrete bowls being built throughout the world.  As a result, we are now witnessing a different breed of bowl skaters who are utilizing a modern day technical style integrated with an oldschool bowl style.  Perhaps this has created a hybrid skateboarder with something so special… so creative… so unique. One young man, who has cultivated a new path in skating, has gone from wonder boy to an outright speeding mad man on his board.  His skating ability is noticeably spontaneous, exceptionally original and full of energy.  Probably one of the most soulful and brilliant skaters I have ever seen.  He goes by the name of Sky Siljeg.       - Lester Kasai

1) How old are you and where do you live?
I am 18 years old and live in Seattle, Washington.
2) Who was your first sponsor and who are your current sponsors?
My first sponsor actually was Jones Soda. They were a local beverage company that was super grass roots and were down to help a local skater out. They actually had a pretty sick team like Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Bam, along with others. I now ride for S-One, Lib Skates, Vans, Tracker Trucks, Bones Wheels, Khiro, Black Flys, 187, and ZICO
3) What are your favorite skate spots?
I like skating anything and anything with a good session is even more sick. There's a new Vert ramp in Seattle that's been going off. It's huge and covered. I really like the Wellington Bowl in New Zealand, as well as the Combi bowl at the Vans park in Orange. There's so many rad places now that it's hard to pick a favorite.
4) What’s your favorite country and candy?
New Zealand is super sick, and so is Sweden. Both have amazing chocolate. Curly Wirleys are where it's at in NZ and the giant chocolate bars if you're in Sweden. The funny thing is Sweden doesn't have Swedish Fish.
5) What contests have you won?
I've won Rock the Cradle in Houston, Texas in 2010, and the Oregon Pier Park contest 2012
6) Tell me about school and your art?
I've been going to Cascadia Community College for a couple years. It's a really cool school. It shares a campus with University of Washington in Bothell. There are a lot of really cool professors. I'm really close to being done with my Associates in Business.  I've had the chance to take some art classes there too. It's helped me explore some new mediums and I used pieces from this quarter to display at the Love and Guts shows in New Zealand and Australia.
7) What’s your current set up?
I'm riding an 8.5 Lib-tech with a 15 inch wheel base, Trackers Axis truck, Bones 56mm STF, 
8) What’s your favorite helmet?
I've been rocking the S-One Lifer. I used to hate the certified helmets other companies made, they didn't fit right and sat really high on your crown making you look like a goon. But The Lifer is legit and fits really good without making me look any more stupid than I already am.
9) What are some of your favorite tricks and what are some tricks you have invented?
I have a lot of fun doing any trick. I really like doing things to disaster because it seems gnarly and scary but I feel like if you're intentionally hanging up it's a lot better than doing it accidentally. I'm not sure I've invented any new tricks but I like putting others tricks together in combo's that are fun. Some tricks I do are so old people don't realize they aren't new.
10) Are there any last words you would like to express?
First off, I'd like to thank all my sponsors and my family for helping me out over the years.  I'd also like to say that I'm feeling really lucky to be living in a point of skateboard history where things are evolving and limits are rapidly being pushed into a new realm but the legends who paved the way are still here ripping it up beside the new generation. There' so many times where I stand at the lip of a bowl and look around to see everyone who invented all the tricks I'm about to do in my next run. It is definitely a surreal and humbling experience.

Thanks Sky… it has been a pleasure watching you grow up and rip up all the bowls we have skated together… you are a good friend and a cool bruddah. - Lester Kasai
Skate Legend Lester Kasai getting hyped on Sky's artistic rendition of