Wednesday, July 3, 2013

S1 Lifer Helmet / Testimonial / Thank You Letter From A Mom

Dear S1, 

I am thanking God that we were led to purchase an S1 Lifer helmet.  The dream of Camp Woodward finally came true this year for our 12 year old son and on his first day, he took a hard hit to the back of his head on a steep ramp.  The impact was so intense that he was seeing blurry for at least 20 minutes.  After thorough medical examination and vigorous testing, he was cleared for no concussion and was allowed to continue participating in all the skating camp Woodward had to offer--including the mini mega ramp.  He has had concussions before with a lot shorter blurring duration and it was amazing to me that he did not have a concussion or worse.  It became very clear to us as well as an attending personnel at Woodward that that certified helmet helped to protect him from far more serious injury that would of at minimum, disqualified him from being able to attend camp with a concussion or a more severe brain injury.  The only long term altercation appears to be to just the helmet--a hairline fracture to the foam liner. Thank you for rushing out a replacement and also for all of your professional knowledge and customer service.  I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a certified helmet.  We would not have my son skate with anything less.       - Delilah D

Sending your kids to Woodward Skate Camp this summer?
Make sure he brings his S1 Lifer Helmet. We recommend that
kids DO NOT wear the soft foam non-certified helmets. Put the best
helmet on your adorable little rippers. You can feel better knowing that
they are wearing the safest helmet possible for skateboarding. :)

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