Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Keegan Palmer Interview

Name: Keegan Palmer
Age: 11
Hometown: Currumbin, Australia

Sponsors: Hurley, Nike SB, Oakley, Pocket Pistols, Independent Trucks, Type-S Wheels, S1 Helmets, Ethika, FCS Fins , Gorilla Grip and Stacey Surfboards

Where are you favorite places to skate in AUS? Elanora, and Bondi

Favorite skatepark or bowl in the world? RTMF posada bowl and Pedro's big bowl 

How was the Malmo contest? Malmo was a great place to go. The skate culture is really good and the ams ripped. John M and his crew have got it going over there.

If you had to pick your 3 top bands of all time - who would you pick?Iron Maiden

What is your all time favorite trick?Frontside flip and stale 360

What trick can't you do right now but want to land in the future?Frontside stale 540 

What is your current setup (wheel size, truck size, board - dims etc) Pocket Pistols 7.5, Indy Koston Hollows 129mm, Type-S 55mm,58mm,60mm

How did you start wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet? We got a year pass and for the Combi and in it you get to select a helmet and Vans had just gotten them in and my dad wanted me to select a certified helmet if possible. All the helmets on the market don’t fit well as soon as I tried on the S1 lifer thats what I wanted.

Keegan Palmer / BS Smith
Photo: Nake
Keegan wears the S1 Lifer Helmet