Monday, January 5, 2015

About S1 Helmets

S1,a Los Angeles based helmet company, developed a skateboard helmet that fits better and is 5 more protective than traditional skate helmets. It is called the S1 Lifer Helmet and is has been embraced by top Professional Skateboarders, Longboarders, BMX riders and Roller Derby Teams.

S1 Helmets / Vert and Bowl Division 
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Eddie "El Gato" Elgeura
Duane Peters
Lester Kasai
Tristan Rennie
Darren Navarrette
Chris Russell
Austin Poynter
Heimana Reynolds
Keegan Palmer
Asher Bradshaw
CJ Collins
Adam "Scizzors" Effertz
Sky Siljeg
Adrian DeMain
Rich Payne
Bob Umbel
Tate Carew
Rylan Mancilla
Toby Gummeson
Arianna Carmona
Julz Kindstrand
Aidan Dansey
Josh Nelson

S1 Helmets / Downhill and Longboarding 
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Sam Hay
Cooper Darquea 
Ian McSherry   
Daniel McDonald 
Malachi Greene 
Pete Eubank
Dustin Hampton 
Pat Schep
Amanda Powell
Chad Gibson 
Ben DeSnyder 
Norman Plante
Nic Escamilla  
Ari Chamasmany
Andrew Schumaker
Alex Ameen

S1 Helmets / BMX Team
Morgan Wade 

Mark Mulville 
Aaron Ross
Alex Platt
Brian Yeagle 
Adam Banton

S1 Helmets / Roller Derby
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Flat Track Teams
Angel City Derby Girls “Hollywood Scarlets”
Texas Rollergirls “Texacutioners”
Rose City Rollers “Wheels of Justice”
Victorian Roller Derby League “VRDL All Stars”
London Rollergirls “London Brawling”
Denver Roller Dolls “Mile High Club”
Atlanta Rollergirls “The Dirty South Derby Girls”  New 2015

Banked Track Teams
LA Derby Dolls
San Diego Derby Dolls

International World Cup Teams
Team USA
Team Canada
Team England
Team Argentina
Team Scotland
Team Ireland
Team Belgium
Team Denmark
Team Norway
Team Finland
Team Spain
Team Italy
Team Greece
Team France
Team Sweden

S1 Helmet Co.
Tel: 310.464.8179
Instagram: @s1helmets @s1bmx @s1rollerderby