Wednesday, April 15, 2015

S1 Helmets - Random Photos on Desktop

My desktop gets filled up with random photos - and some of them are rad and I never post them or I don't know what to do with them. Here are a few ...

Jim Gray in the combi. Photo: Sparagna

Darren Navarrette - Vans Pool Party 2014 I think
Photo: Sparagna
S1 Lifer Helmets
Best Fitting Certified Helmets on the market.
Deep Fit + Multiple Impact Certified + High Impact Certified  = S1 Lifer Helmet
Pallets of S1 Lifer Helemts heading somewhere.
Maybe the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada or maybe Brasil.
I had Heimana switch from a soft foam to an S1 Lifer Helmet because
the S1 Lifer protects your head way better. Heimana ended up going down hard at last years Vans  contest.
By far one of the worst slams of the contest. He hit his head super hard and was OK. The Lifer did its job. If he had a soft foam helmet on he would have been knocked out for a few minutes or maybe even worse - like severe head trauma.
S1 Helmets Ad for Plimax in Brazil - I like this photo. Ben DeSnyder having fun.

Adam "Scizzors" Effertz - Merrit Island Vert Ramp
S1 Lifer Helmet
Photo: Wade