Monday, May 18, 2015

Vans Pool Party 2015

Thrasher made a rad video of the Vans Pool Party 2015

link here

some thoughts -

Chris Russell - top of the food chain !
Ben Schroeder -- ghost rider !
Heimana - Warrior (so glad your ok!)

Skateboarding is rad.

From Skate Daily:

15-year old Tom Schaar put his diverse skills to work and captured the top spot on the Pro podium at this years Vans Pool Party. Bruno Passos repeated his win in the Masters and Chris Miller threepeated with power and style in the Legends division.
And if you haven’t already seen or heard, Pedros Barros and Matt Boyster broke new ground for skateboarding’s history books and successfully launched and transferred (backside and frontside respectively) over The Combi Pool’s Duncan peninsula following the day’s competition schedule. Insane!
The full 5-hour webcast is archived and can be viewed over at Redbull
Stay tuned for a full video recap over at Thrasher Magazine.
Final Results
1. Tom Schaar
2. Chris Russell
3. Pedro Barros
1. Bruno Passos
2. Steve Revord
3. Darren Navarrette
1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Eric Nash