Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mike A Palooza 5

Mike A Palooza 5 - video by @vertskateboarding

Super hyped and proud to help support this epic backyard vert event. I grew up in NJ in 80's with 3 vert ramps in my neighborhood (Padulla's, McDowells, and Kleins). We would fan out on the older rippers like the Team Steam dudes. And in the summer we would skate Jeff Jones big blue fiberglass ramp down in Brick. Vert skating was where it all started for me - other than skating in front of the house of course. We made the S1 Lifer Helmet for skating big vert ramps and big bowls. So it was an honor that a lot of vert skaters like the fit and extra protection that the S1 Lifer offers. This video by Vert Skateboarding is great - the ramp is a work of art and the skating in insane. Enjoy and check out @vertskateboarding on instagram for your daily fix of vertical sadness. 
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