Wednesday, August 19, 2015

S1's take on helmets (About S1 Helmet Company)

I have been thinking and this is our take on helmets... helmet musings...

Over here at S1 we advocate helmet usage (advocate means we publicly recommend) but we totally understand why certain Pros skaters don't wear helmets. But if you aren't getting paid to skate (ie: some shoe or clothing company isn't using your image to sell the skateboard image to the world) you should wear a helmet. 

Interesting - things I have realized - there are generally 3 types of people that wear helmets

1) kids - because their parents make them, or the skatepark makes them
2) parents - to set a good example (Dad needs confidence in his skating or is a super kook doesn't even know helmets are lame)
3) your everyday life long skaters that wear helmets on their own accord because:
a) understand the risk and severity of head injury and have the confidence to wear a helmet in an    environment where it might not be cool to wear one (most people are insecure and the urge to fit in overides the common sense to wear one) 
b) hurting themselves without a helmet on
c) having a friend that hurt themselves without a helmet on
d) not sure why - my other friends wear helmets and so I wear one - or started wearing one when I was young.

Oh and we educate skaters that like to wear helmets to wear the correct helmet because
there have been alot of young vert and bowl skaters and downhill skaters that always wear helmets and had serious head injuries while wearing the soft foam non-certified skate helmets.

Also interesting  - there are generally 3 types of people that don't wear helmets
1) Kids - know they should but just dont want to (not cool etc)
2) Kids - seriously have never thought about wearing a helmet
3) Kids - just don't care - would rather quit skating than wear a helmet. (I get it - I was 15 once)
4) Pro  - their Shoe and board company don't want photos of them with a helmet on. They need an image to sell the world.

We don't try to scare kids - scaring people about skating - it isn't good for skating.  What we do is try to hype up the common skater to wear a helmet. How do we hype up skaters that are currently wearing a helmet? Give them a video or a photo of a rad pro wearing a helmet.

thoughts on helmets? 
send us a photo and a thought and we will post.