Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Grom Interview: Jake Golden

Jake Golden - Neil Mims Skate Academy

Name: Jake Golden
Age: 10
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

When did you start skating?
When I was 6 when we lived in Virginia - I used to travel up to Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore for lessons before we moved to San Diego when I was 8.

Favorite places to skate?
Alga Norte, Monster DC, 3rd Lair, Skatelab

Favorite Skate Video?
"Pretty Sweet" and "Ban This!"

Favorite Skaters?
Daewon Song, Bucky Lasek, PLG, Danny Way, Neal Mims, Andrew Reynolds

What is your current setup (wheels and trucks)?
Bones Kevin Staab Pirate 58mm Wheels and Independent Koston trucks

Any shout outs?
Bryan Tracey at SkateXS who has supported me from the beginning, Neal Mims for being an awesome coach & mentor, and all my skate friends who are fun to skate with and inspire me to progress and of course my parents who take me everywhere!