Monday, October 10, 2016

Rumble in Ramona 6

Once a year in Ramona California, a truly unique event brings together skateboarders of all ages from all over the country. Hosted by veteran vert pro Darren Navarrette, you can always expect something new and rad every year. This year was no different. Hand painted flags, a mini castle type structure to catch some shade from the Ramona heat, hand made wooden shields and custom made trophies for tricks to name a few of the new aspects added this year. Its always a good time, good bands, good food and a ton of amazing skateboarding… oh and some very nice hot rods hanging around as well.

Some fun facts about the ramp. It was first built July 4th, 2008. The ramp is 10 feet with 2 feet of vert(making it 12 feet total) with a 1 foot extension with pool coping, has 10′ decks, it is 50 feet wide which works out to 50 5×10 sheets of 1/8 inch cold rolled apex steel and lastly the lighting is complete DIY stadium style lighting made from old lamp posts to get the height (the lights were added later). All and all it was another great success and everyone had a great time. Thank you Darren and everyone involved that make this day possible!

Feast your eyes on these photos of Keegan Palmer, Pedro Delfino and Adam “Scizzor” Effertz.

These guys are all wearing S1 Lifer Helmets. Lab tests show that S1 Lifer Helmets are up to 5x more protective than traditional soft foam skate helmets. Keegan (Spinning a 540), Scizzors (Gap to Smith) . Pedro (FS Hip Hop Invert)

 Photos and text by Brian Shamanski

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Keegan Palmer / S1 Lifer Helmet
Pedro Delfino / S1 Lifer Helmet
Scizzors / S1 Lifer Helmet
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