Friday, February 10, 2017

S1 Lifer Helmet / Fullface (Historical Timeline)

From the beautiful mind of this guy. Pete Eubank introduced us to Alex Ameen "Hey S1 - I can make you a full face.
I have been hand making them for a while now - using your S1 inner shells . But I would love to make a real certified legit full face." - Alex Ameen 2012

Alex's handmade lids circa 2012
Early Proto March 2014

3d print of an early design late 2014
Alex stopping in 2015 in between Skate House and Valhalla skate trips .
"Hey guys I need to revise it a little more and then it will be perfect." - Alex Ameen

Final 3d Proto Print - Late 2015

Some Samples for Testing - Spring 2016
Summer 2016 - Production Sample
Box Artwork / TShirt artwork
The helmet on the board shot. Post Malibu run. Pre-Visor trim
Malibu Wind Testing
Coming Soon ! In stock late FEB 2017
S1 Helmet Co.
Los Angeles, CA