Friday, March 31, 2017

S1 Lifer Fullface Helmet / Review / Wheelbase Mag

S1 “Lifer Full-Face” Helmet

S 1 Helmet Co Lifer Full-Face provides the same deep fitting design, feel, and unparalleled protection of the standard open-face Lifer helmet, but with all the added protection and comfort of increased full face coverage. Designed by downhill skateboarders in the local Malibu hills and across the world, his new full face downhill skateboarding helmet is certified CPSC for high impact as well as ASTM for multiple impact. Each helmet includes a clear and tinted visor, 2 thicknesses of cheek pads, 3 sets of sizing liners—so you can size up or down—a sticker sheet, and a helmet bag. The Lifer Full-Face comes in a range of sizes starting at a gromy XS all the way through to a Frankenshredder 3XL. Wanna color-coordinate your shoes, sunglasses, gloves, eyes, or ‘thane color with your helmet? Well, the new Lifer Full-Face has got you covered with the widest range of color options we’ve ever seen form a production full face helmet: Black Matte, Black Gloss, White, Grey Matte, Red Gloss, Silver Glitter, Black Glitter, Tan Gloss, Maroon Matte, Navy Matte, Purple Matte, Cyan Matte, Orange, Dark Green Matte.
We really like this new downhill skateboarding helmet and believe that the S1 Helmet Co. team has successfully combined style, confort, and safety with this new Lifer Full-Face. After putting it though it’s paced on our local hills we particularly appreciated the comfort level provided by it’s deep-set fit, the fact that the visor flips up and down easily and sits snuggly against the helmet face, thus limiting excess wind or rattle noise; and we also appreciate the fact that the ample chin/mouth coverage provided by this new full face gave us a bit more confidence on the hill.  And that’s not even mentioning the fact that S1 Helmet’s rigorous dedication to skater protection has made this helmet one of the most safety-certified full-face helmets on the market. Sexy & Safe! Yes please.
Check out the S1 Lifer Full Face Helmet !
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