Thursday, April 20, 2017

S1 Helmet Co. / A better & Safer Helmet


In 2010 we gathered up every brand of soft foam skate helmets (including S1) and brought them into the testing lab and learned that ALL of them failed the multiple low impact helmet standard (multi-impact test) and the single high impact test. The soft foam allowed impact energy to pass directly through the foam and rattle the head form (i.e.: rattling the brain). Basically, all the traditional "soft foam" skate helmets failed to reduce impact enough to meet current helmet safety standards. Ie: they are not protecting your head in the case of a low or high impact. 

S1 is smaller enough (owned by Chris and Dan) and ethical enough to realize we needed to create a better / safer helmet (sacrificing soft foam skate helmet sales) so we created the S1 Lifer Helmet. 

The Lifer Helmet is constructed with FUS1ON Foam which is a patented blend of low, medium and high density foam beads that help reduce impact energy in the case of multiple low impacts and single high impacts. 

When we tested the S1 Lifer Helmet we found it reduced impact energy 5x better than the soft foam skate helmets. When we discovered this we started to make videos and educate skaters and skateshops.... this was 2011... 2012 ish, a lot of pro & am skaters (veteran pros and upcoming Ams were most open to the Lifer) were open to wear a better helmet. 

Also there were skateshops that fully supported a helmet that actually meets current helmet safety standards (1st shops to carry... ET Surf, Val Surf, Fairman's, Spyder Boards, Skate Lab, Vans Skateparks, Proper Rideshop, Bill's Wheels, Skateworks). 

When a kid walks out with a Lifer Helmet you know that you have given them the best fitting and safest helmet on the market. That is good business! Check out all of the color here

If you have been skating for all of your life you know it is just a matter of time before you go down hard. We made a helmet for people that skate for the love and are skating for the long haul - from childhood until the body can barely handle it anymore. Protect your hardware. Keep rolling. Be a Lifer - get a Lifer. 

Great Fit + Best Protection = S1 Lifer Helmet