Friday, January 26, 2018

One of the best vert skaters of all time , Mike Frazier, talking about the S1 Lifer Helmet

I just had the “REAL LIFE” test yesterday, only it was from 12 feet high, not 6 1/2 feet... That shit worked like a charm! Took a digger and had a little snooze today for about 10-15 seconds …..12 foot high and concrete is real unforgiving. Today the neck is a little stiff, other than that, I’m good. I’d hate to think how I’d be feeling, or how bad It could have been if it was a regular old school foam pad helmet. The old foam padded helmets that I used to wear offered little to no protection. My compressed fusion foam S1 Lifer helmet absorbed the impact, cracked like it was supposed to, and saved me. There’s no avoiding the KO when you hit your head hard enough, but a good helmet definitely minimizes the severity of the concussion. Thanks for saving my head  ❤️😘👍 @s1helmets

12 foot pit !

Mike Frazier shortly before his big slam

Impact Testing: S1 Lifer Helmet VS Soft Foam Helmet from S-One Helmet Co | S1 Helmets on Vimeo.