Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Skateboard Wrist Guards

S-One Damager Control Wrist Guard

These are high quality skateboard wrist guards. They are not designed for sliding on your wrists. They are designed to protect your wrists. They are super comfortable. They are medically and anatomically designed. They do not have a top splint. Any wrist guard with a top splint was designed by a non-skater because most skaters know that if you have a top splint you will break your wrist right where the wrist gaurd ends (half way up your arm). (Back in the 80's all the wrist guards would come with top splints and we would take them out.)

Lester Kasai puts Shoe Goo on the Damage Control wrist guards when they start to wear through the palm area. Lester has been wearing the same wrist guards for the last 2 years. The Shoe Goo really helps extend the life of the wrist guard.

Over the years many pro skaters have worn the S-One Wrist Guard. Here is short list of some skaters that have worn the Damager Control Wrist Guard when they needed to protect a wrist: Salman Agah, Pat Duffy, Kurtis Colamonico, Spencer Fujimoto, Don "The Nuge" Nguyen, Tyler Hansen, Lester Kasai. (these are just the pros that I can think of right now).

Damager Control Wrist Guard
Left $31.95
Right $31.95

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Pat Duffy

Lester Kasai