Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1978 "Crashed Memories of an LA Punk Rocker: $20.00 + shipping

I first met Ger-I a few years ago because we make helmets and he needed helmets for the Venice Skateboard Association. He stopped by the warehouse to meet me and Dan (my partner). We hung out for a bit and realized we had a few things in common... a deep respect for skating, surfing, punk rock and venice.  So we hooked him up with helmets for the Venice Skatepark and we kept in touch.
A year later he stopped by and dropped of this book. No joke... once I started reading the first page... I was hooked... I couldn't put it down. I read it all in one night. It is one of those books that you stay up late to finish. Ger-I can write a real page turner! I won't say anymore though because I can't write all that well..

1978 "Crashed Memories of an LA Punk Rocker" $20.00 + shipping (worth every penny)

Ger-I Lewis' new book 1978 is really good.  If you ever wondered what the surfing, skating or punk rock scene was like in Venice and LA in the late 70's... I highly recommend this book. This is the real deal.