Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congrats to Chris Miller - 1st Place Pro-Tec Pool Party 2011 / Masters Division

Another win at the 7th Annual Combi Contest!!
(click here to watch all of Millers runs from the finals)
 Is Chris Miller the World's Best Skateboarder ?
 A true skateboarding master, Miller, has won the
the Protec Pool Party Masters Division for the 6th time!!!
  Chris wears the S-One Cromag Helmet.
Click here to watch Cardiel break down the combi ...
oh and click here (chrome ball incident) to read a Chris Miller full interview

Vans put together a a great video of all of Chris Millers runs from the 7th annual Protec Pool Party 2011.
Click here to watch Miller's footy on Off the wall TV.

S-One makes skate helmets.
This is the S-One Cromag Helmet.
The Cromag is a traditional soft foam helmet for skaters
with bigger noggins. Size Range: 24" - 25.5".