Tuesday, October 11, 2011

S-One Helmet Overview: CPSC Certified

Hard Foam / EPS Foam (CPSC Certified)
Some Information About Hard Foam (eps foam) CPSC Certified Helmets:
We highly recommend that all skaters or cyclists regardless of age or skill wear a CPSC Certified helmet. These are the safest helmets on the market and are manufactured and tested to the highest standards to make sure that they help protect your brain in case of a slam.  A CPSC Certified Helmet is up to 5x more protective than non-certified helmets. These helmets are the best for you or your children. 

S-One Kid Helmet
This is the safest helmet for your little beginner or advanced skater with a smaller head.
Alot of teenage girls wear the Kid Helmet also because their heads are smaller and more narrow. This helmet fits nice and low on the head and it is CPSC certified. Skateshop owners have been telling us that the S-One Kid Helmet is the best fitting helmet for kids on the market. 

The Lifer Helmet fits lower than ANY other CPSC Certified Helmet. This is an all-around best seller because it fits most people perfectly.

A CPSC Certified helmet for the skaters and bikers with larger noggins.

* S-One Helmets are Lead and Phthalate Free.