Tuesday, October 11, 2011

S-One Premium Helmets / In-Stock Now

S-One Premium Helmet
The S-One Premium Helmet is back in stock. And they sell super fast in states that don't have helmet laws or state mandated helmet safety standards. However, we want to let skaters know that soft foam (non-cpsc) helmets are not nearly as protective as CPSC certified helmets. And we (s-one) actually recommend that you wear a CPSC Certified helmet. So why do we even make the non-certified helmets?

Moms always ask us - Why do skate helmet companies (s-one, triple 8, pro-tec, bern) even make non-certified helmets?

Alot of Moms and Dads asks us why we even make the soft foam helmets if they don't pass the CPSC impact testing process. Our answer is: There are alot of skaters that grew up wearing soft foam helmets and refuse to wear anything else. And although the soft foam helmets are much less protective than the CPSC certified helmets they are better than nothing.  So, we (s-one) make the soft foam helmets for all the stubborn, hardcore, crusty rippers out in the world.


Soft Foam Helmets do not protect your head as well as the CPSC Certified Helmets. Soft Foam Helmets will only protect your head from very low impact slams. (reality check... very low means: 5 mph or drops from 3 feet) So please understand that Soft Foam (non-cpsc) helmets do not even come close to passing the skate and bike helmet standards set forth by the CPSC. (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Who wears soft foam helmets?
Older skaters that will only wear a soft foam helmet because that is what they always wore (because they are comfy) or image conscious teenagers that don't even want to wear a helmet at all. But remember old crusty dude and too-cool teenager... CPSC Certified helmets are much safer and will protect your brains against a real slam.

Hockey Helmets?
Also, some roller derby girls think that hockey helmets are more protective than cpsc helmets. Wrong. Very wrong. Hockey Helmets with EPP (expanded polypropylene foam) DO NOT pass the CPSC test. Hockey Helmets will not adequately protect your brains / head from a 14 mph slam or 6 foot drop. And top it off... hockey helmets are super expensive ($150). The Hockey Helmet is a glorified soft foam helmet. No bueno.