Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skate Interview: Julz


Intro: Julie rips. Natural Talent. No doubt about it. And she has a smile that makes you smile. The last few years have been crazy for her. Family stuff and a badly blown knee in 2010.Julz, formerly known as Julie Kinstrand, is back. And if she can channel her abundant energy in a positive way she will most definitely do some great things in skateboarding. And we support her. 

When did you start skating? I started skateboarding October 11, 2003. The first park I skateboarded was Laguna Niguel Skatepark.
The last interview we did was back in 2008. You were 16 I think. Still living at home. What has happened in the last few years. Tell me about moving out. Foster Parents and your knee injury... Since the last time I filmed with you guys I ended up at 16 moving out of my dad house an was put into a children's home where I was ten put into a couple of foster homes. During that time it was difficult to skateboard. I went from winning 16 contest in a row, unstoppable, to you are not allowed to skate. The social worker I didn't understand that I SA the number one female bowl rider for three years in a row and had to compete and practice. My dad tried to work the system and get it to where I wouldn't be released. I fought as hard as I could and the judge passed an order that I had to practice. It was a step in the right direction most definitely but I still missed the contest because my wack step mom didn't want to take me. I finally got into a foster home where they let me practice once every weekend. I went from practicing 5 hours a day everyday on the vert ramp to once a week. It put me into a really deep depression. All I live for is skateboarding. So I transferred to a different Forster home at 17 and they supported my skateboarding. They took me to practice more than once a week and as I proved my trust they started to let me take the bus to go skate. I was finally back to where I wanted to be and the Xgames and dew tour were coming up so it was perfect time to get all my skate stuff back. The week before the Xgames I hurt my knee and had tears in my acl and my pcl. I still competed but could barely walk. I made all this head way to have one of the worst injuries take me out. I got into physical therapy trying to strengthen my knee and keep competing. 2 months before I turned 18 I moved out on my own and tried to use snowboarding as cross training to help strengthen my knees and it made the hugest improvement. Snowboarding helped open back up the doors for me to get back to ripping on my skateboard and get back to level I was at before. It's been hard to deal with but I made it out and am on the path again?
Where are your favorite places to skate?My favorite places to skateboard would half to be Backyard pools, hesh skateparks with messed up concrete, anything with chunky coping to power through, rad ditches, big gaps, and endless flow! :) there are too many sick ass parks and secret spots out there to say what my favorite is. I like Etnies in Lake Forest and I like San Clemente, Fullerton, Santa Ana.
And are you really going to skate to Oregon? Lets here the plan!
I am going to be skating up the Coast to Lincoln City Oregon. Leaving from the Huntington Beach Pier on July 5th at 5am. I want to let go of everything and just ride my skateboard to all the heshest parks on the way to Oregon. Visit the locals to show them support and bring them stuff from my sponsors to help get them motivated and out there having fun. It all together is supposed to be 1,558miles but as I go I'm sure I'll hit more parks and I also have some little demos and autograph signing set up as well. I have to make it to Lincoln City before the weekend of August 10-12 for the World Cup Skateboarding Trifecta contest. I am very exited to put behind my past with this trip and skate forward in a new direction and progression. I want to skate for Cancer Awareness, Eco friendly transportation, and for health. There is also the skate everywhere movement going on the encourages city's to design there city to be more skate comparable so that more people are using skateboarding as a form of transportation. It's called ASEC.
What is on the horizon for Ms. Julz?
Over the past two years it's been difficult moving out on my own and learning why it's like to be an independent adult. This year is the third year since I won the world cup over all title and I had three years in a row before that. I would like to take the tittle back this year. I am working on progressing my skateboarding so that I can eventually be competing at the level of the professional mens skateboarding. I am working on being well rounded on my board and am skating anything that could possibly be skated. I am also hoping to see a lot of progression in big projects that I am working on with my sponsors. I also started my own company called Get A Grip and we do custom quality grip tape art for the top of your board. We do whole boards, sections, logos, and writing. I am also working hard on progressing in the music industry to put my singing and writing skills to work. I also play drums, guitar, and bass. So I am eventually going to be starting a band. My ultimate goal is to open an international facility that reaches out to children and works with them in helping encourage activities that help you get in touch with your inner peace and help you stay grounded in this crazy world. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, Moto, art, music, meditation, yoga, martial arts, and any type of exercise. I want children to have a place that is open minded to anyone and is willing to work with the parents to help children to grow into positive lifestyles to change to corruption and evil in the world in some way. Also have counselers on staff that are down to earth for you to go to about anything and know you have confidentiality. I also want to start cross competing in snowboarding, and start racing motor cross again. I want to race cars as well one day when I can afford it. 
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