Monday, June 25, 2012

Skate Update: Braden Selma

Braden is 10 years old and has an uncanny ability to throw down multiple back-to-back mctwists. He def needs to work on his coping skills but we have a strong feeling that will arrive as he gets a bit older.
Is he just another spinning kid in diapers... nope! He is a part of a new generation of bowl and vert skaters 
that are taking skateboarding somewhere we never thought possible. There is a crop of 7 - 12 year olds
that are tearing sh#t up. And a few of these kids are poised to etch their names in skateboarding history. And hopefully they will have some fun doing it!   - S-One Helmet Co.

Braden Selma:
How old are you and where are you from?
My name is Braden Stelma and I am 10 years old. I was born in Seattle and lived there until my mom and I moved to Mesa in 2010. Now we live in Oceanside. I really love California!

When did you start skating?
I started skating when I was 5. Right after I got my first board I met Mitchie Brusco so I learned how to skate vert right away.

You and your Mom just moved all the way from Arizona to Oceanside, CA? How is the move going?
My mom and I lived in Arizona for 2 years so that I could go to Kids that Rip skateboard school, but we always planned to end up in California. Its really hard to live in Arizona because it's so hot and there is no ocean or beach. We spent a lot of time in the last 2 years driving to and from San Diego!

I'm really excited to live in southern California. I have a lot of friends here and its always better to skate with friends because its way more fun. We are actually right in the middle of our move, so we are kind of in both places for another week.

And you just got 1st in Vert at the King of the Groms Contest. Congrats! How was the contest? 
We just got back from Minnesota a few days ago. Usually the contest is in February, so it was great this year. Me and my mom rented a mustang and I got to see all the World Industries guys and skate an awesome vert ramp that is under a freeway. Thank you, I was really proud of my vert run because I landed all my airs, mctwists, kickflip indys and lip tricks in one run. And I got to see my friends from all over the country that I never get to see because they live so far away.

What are you up to this summer?
I'm skating vert and pools this summer! And I'm going to learn how to surf and go visit my dad in Seattle. And get to know the area and the so cal skate scene a little better. Just chill and enjoy finally living in paradise!

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