Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skate Update: Heimana Reynolds

Heimana Reynolds Interview | June 2012
Age: 13
Sponsors: (flow) S-One, LRG, DC, Spun, Proper, 187, Spy, Wahoos, Vitamin water and Dakine
Hometown:  Honolulu, Hawaii

Hey Heimana. Last time I saw you was in January before the the Protec Am Contest at the Combi. How was that contest?  super fun.  It was great skating with all my friends.  My favorite bowl in the world.
What have you been up to since then?  I have been skating, surfing, competing and keeping up with my school work. I also got a cover shot for Flow skate mag in Hawaii.  I was so stoked.

How was Woodward?!  Always rad.  I have been going to Woodwardwest for session 1 every Summer since i was 7 years old.  I got in some mega big air training with Jake Brown, Tom Schaar and Jocke Olsson.  Asher was there for a few days too.  They also had a Alii sports/Free flow tour event there.  I got 3rd in vert, 2nd in junior street and 2nd in bowl.  Was that the first time on the megaramp?  Yes,  I was supposed to do it last year but ended up breaking my wrist the day before on the miniramp.   The mega ramp is huge and scary but a big rush.

What are you up to the rest of the summer?  I have a Tahitian group drumming performance at Disneyland in July. I also need to finish up Summer school.  We also try to come out to California every couple of months to check out sponsors, skate different terrain and go to events.  Any Plans?  work hard, train, compete, go big and have fun...   

SIDENOTE: Heimana wears the S-One Premium Helmet for street skating. He wears the S-One Lifer Helmet for the bigger stuff. (ramps, bowls and mega ramp)