Thursday, July 26, 2012

Custom Fades

S-One Lifer Helmet
Color: Yellow Fade

Description: 80's surfboard fade on an S-One Lifer Helmet.
Price: $150

Custom Paint by S-One In-House Artist: Joker

S-One Helmet Crash Replacement Policy:
Some skaters are worried if they spend $150 on a helmet and take a super bad slam that they are out $150 and need a new helmet. We have a helmet replacement policy for all of our CPSC certified helmets. If you slam in your S-One helmet and you think the helmet might be compromised you can send your helmet back to S-One and you can get a replacement for $20. This is our way of showing appreciation to S-One customers.
(note: your replacement won't be custom painted).

Here is the link to the S-One Helmet Replacement Policy.