Wednesday, October 3, 2012

El Gato wearing the S-One Lifer Helmet

I had heard the skateboarding great, El Gato, had called and ask for some S-One Lifer Helmets a few weeks ago. It wasn't until the photos from the Tim Brauch Contest were posted that it was confirmed that he was wearing the Lifer Helmet. So stoked. So proud.   
Eddie Elguera / FS Rock / Back in the day
Eddie Elguera
Frontside Rock / 2012
(rockin the S-One Lifer Helmet)
Photo: Sparagna
Eddie Elguera has been wearing the S-One Lifer Helmet. He had heard through some trusted friends that the S-One Lifer Helmet was one of the best helmets on the market.

We are honored that Eddie is wearing the S-One Lifer Helmet because he is known as a legend in skateboarding and a true innovator of vertical skateboarding.

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