Friday, October 5, 2012

S-One Skate Helmet Overview

Yeah Duane Peters is rocking S-One. 

Check out his Signature Helmet.
A Non-Certified version will be available Dec 1st.

Best Selling Skate Helmets:

The Kid Helmet and the Lifer Helmet are the deepest fitting
CPSC Certified helmets on the market. They both fit people
really well. And the Premium Helmet (non-certified terry sweat liner) is a good seller in States and Countries that don't require the CPSC Certification.

The S-One Lifer Helmet

 The older vert and bowlriders and the younger up-coming bowlriders have started to figure out that the soft foam helmets are not protective enough. Pros have been getting knocked out (and worse) in the soft foam helmets.

Here is a list of skaters that have switched from soft foam helmets to wearing the CPSC 
certified S-One Lifer Helmet.

Veterans: Eddie Elguera, Steve Workman, Bob Umbel,
Rich Payne Josh Nelson, Adam Effertz

Pros: Austin Poynter

Ams: Morgan Wolf, Archer Braun, Tristan Rennie, Allysha Bergado, Julie Kindstrand 

S-One Helmet Co.
Company Overview

Masters: Duane Peters, Lester Kasai, Kevin Staab, Ben Schroeder, JIm Gray, Steve Steadham, Adrian Demain, Josh Nelson, Eddie Reatagui
Pros: Darren Navarrette, Austin Poynter, Brad McClain, Josh Mattson, Al Partanen, Kalani David, Curren Caples
Ams:  Tristan Rennie, Morgan Wolf, Heimana Reynolds, Julie Kindstrand, Allysha Bergado

Contact S-One Helmet Co.
sales: 310-464-8179
M - F  10am - 5 pm