Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eddie Elguera's 50th Birthday / Blue Tile Obsession

check out a great article and some rad photos from El Gato's B-Day Party
at Blue Tile Obsession.

Eddie Elguera, Steve Van Doren, Dawn Elguera and Christian Hosoi.
Eddie is wearing his S-One "El Gato" Lifer Helmet.
Photo: Defect / MRZ

“Eddie’s contribution to skateboarding is iconic. He was the pioneer of technical skating. Guys like Tony Hawk emulated him to progress the sport. What Eddie did was truly special. He liked to take skating to the next level. To see him still progressing is inspiring. He just learned backside Smith grinds. He inspires people in skating, he inspires people to persevere, to stand for something… he is a man of god. I am proud of him. I am proud that he is on Hosoi skateboards and that we get to travel and skate together. We share our love of skateboarding.” – Christian Hosoi