Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Julie Kindstrand | S-One Kid Helmet (video)

Julie has been wearing S-One Helmets for about 6 years.
For the last few months she has been wearing the
S-One Kid Helmet. She has a smaller head so the
Kid Helmet fits her great. And the Kid Helmet is 
CPSC certified to protect her
head against high impacts slams.

S-One Kid Helmet
For Head Sizes: 18.5" - 20.5"
CPSC Certified
ASTM Certified

MSRP: $48.99

most helmets fit high on your kid's head... The S-One Kid Helmet
was designed to fit nice and low on the dome. Finally a helmet
your kids will wear. Just ask Julie Kindstrand... well she is
isn't a Kid but alot of women have smaller heads and fit into the
Kid Helmet nicely. Great Fit + Best Protection = S-One Kid Helmet