Friday, March 1, 2013

Don't wear a soft foam non-certified helmet for Longboarding

S-One Helmets says throw away your non-certified
"multiple impact" helmet because there is a safer helmet out there...
The S-One Lifer Helmet!

Soft Foam Non-Certified Helmets do not protect your head
in the case of solid slam or big crash. Check out the Graph comparing
the soft foam helmet to the S-One Lifer Helmet.
The S-One Lifer Helmet is a better skate helmet. It is a safer skate helmet.
A Better and Safer Skate Helmet... The S-One Lifer Helmet
S-One Lifer Helmet
MSRP: $49.99
do yourself a favor and get one.

The S-One Lifer Helmet is ASTM certified to protect your head
against multiple impacts and CPSC certified to protect your head against
single high impacts. Booyakasha!

Peter Eubank, Ari Chamasmany and NIc Escamilla
have been wearing S-One Lifer Helmet for the last few years
and love them. Great Fit + Best Protection = S-One Lifer Helmet

Hands down the S-One Lifer Helmet is the best half shell helmet
for longboarding.