Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vans Combi Am Contest Results 2013

Tristan Rennie won $2 G's and a trip to Brazil to
skate at the contest at Pedro Barros'  house.
Photo: Defect Mag 

The Combi Am Contest 2013
Photo: Socal Skateshop

Vans Am-Tec Combi Contest Results (Combi Am Contest) 2013

Summary: Wow. This contest was amazing. Just to get invited to this contest means you are an amazing skateboarder.  The level of skating is super high. These kids rip. And stoked that Tristan won $2,000 and a trip to Brazil to skate in the contest down there. Some photos posting tomorrow. The future is looking INSANE for bowlriding. Most of these kids are all going to pro in the next few years. I described the contest to my friend that doesn't skate as, "Imagine little Tony Hawks skating a pool." That is the Combi Am Contest. And super hyped to see so many S-One Helmets out there today!

Vans Amateur Combi Classic results 
15 and over
1. Tristan Rennie (S-One Helmets)  
2. Collin Graham
3. Cory Juneau
4. Clay Kreiner
5. Justin Rivera
6. Aidan Dansey 
(S-One Helmets)
7. Beaver Flemming
8. Adrian Hernandez
9. David Palazzese
10. Archer Braun 
(S-One Helmets)
11. Jeromy Green
12. Vi Kakinho 

Vans Amateur Combi Classic Results
14 and under
1. Cory Juneau
2. Toby Gummeson (S-One Helmets)
3. Braden Stelma 
(S-One Helmets)
4. Morgan Wolf  
(S-One Helmets)5. Kiko Francisco
6. CJ Collins
7. Trey Wood
8. Jake Wooten 

(S-One Helmets)
9. Julian Torres
10. Asher Bradshaw 
(S-One Helmets)