Monday, July 21, 2014

S1 mini Lifer Helmet

S1 mini Lifer Helmet
The safest helmet for Skateboarding, Longboarding, Bmx and Roller Derby is now available for youths and people with smaller heads. The S1 mini Lifer Helmet is a scaled down version of the Lifer Helmet.

The mini Lifer is ASTM certified to protect your head against multiple impacts and CPSC Certified to help protect against the high impacts.

Summer 2014 Colors:

Black Matte, White Gloss, Cyan Matte, Black Gloss, Navy Matte, Pink Matte, Purple Matte, Metallic Gold, Red Gloss, Bright Green Matte and Silver Glitter
More information about the S1 mini Lifer Helmet:
The S1 mini Lifer Helmet has a smaller shell than the S1 Lifer Helmet.
The S1 mini Lifer helmet fits head sizes between 18.5" - 20.5". Generally speaking this helmet will fit boys and girls under 11 and petite adult women.

For example, the XS will fit your 3 year old beginner perfectly! The S1 mini Lifer is designed to fit nice and low on the head so you get full coverage. 

The S1 mini Lifer Helmet replaced the S1 Kid Helmet.

Interesting Information: if you see an S1 Helmet with a red clip... it is a mini Lifer Helmet.

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