Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Best Longboard Helmet

Alot of top longboarders have switched to the S1 Lifer Helmet because it fits awesome and the EPS Fusion foam protects their brains 5x more than a regular skate helmet. Live slow. Skate Fast.

All the peeps be wearing S1 Lifer Helmets.
S1 Helmets / Downhill Team:
Sam Hay
Sir Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro
Pete Eubank
Ian McSherry
Daniel Macdonald
Malachi Greene
Ari Chamasmany
Pat Schep
Dane Webber
Nic Escamilla
Amanda Powell
Cory Hirschman
Dustin Hampton
Ben DeSnyder
Norman Plante
Alex Ameen
Chad Gibson
Brian Cortright
Film and Edit: Alex Ameen
Song: "Make it Funky" -James Brown
S1 Helmets
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