Monday, October 20, 2014

S1 Online Store Feedback/Comments - Best Comments for October 2014

S1 Online Store Feedback/Comments

On Oct 9th 2014 Patrick Kelly wrote:
"I'm buying an S1 Helmet to support my friend and S1 team rider, Adam Banton. Dude is definitely positively spreading the word of helmet usage and is a badass guy to ride with."

On Oct 12th 2014 Ryan Collazo wrote:
"Thanks for making such a great helmet AND making the El Gato model!"

On Oct 18th 2014 Max Martin wrote:
"It's for my friend's birthday. S1 is rad. Your helmets are sick."

On Oct 19th Thomas Liszkiewicz wrote:
"Thank you for protecting my noggin'' 

On 10/22/14 Jennifer Krebsbach said: ''You guys are awesome. Thanks for keeping my brain from becoming mush."

The people have spoken.

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