Monday, August 3, 2015

Reviews / S1 Mega Lifer Helmet / S1 Helmet Company
Here are just a few reviews from the S1 Online Store about S1 Lifer Helmets.  Check out all of the sizes options and color options.

Great Helmet

Product: S1 Mega Lifer Helmet - Navy Matte
Posted By: N/A

I'm a french longboarder with an oversized head and dreadlocks (67.5cm). The S1 Mega Lifer was the only one available worldwide that I could buy. I'm very happy with it as it fits my head perfectly, and has a cool look.
I would like to thank S1 for their great customer service even with someone who has trouble with english and lives in France. 

Product: S1 Mega Lifer Helmet - Black Matte
Posted By: N/A

Having a helmet with the proper certifications and knowing the protection it is providing to the rider gives a great sense of confidence and let's the rider experiment deeper into more complicated riding. Great fit, it breathes well, and looks good. I'm now recommending this helmet, and the entire brand to all the longboarders that I know.