Monday, July 25, 2016

S1 Helmets - Nick Daiello - Interview

Nick Daiello 

Where you from?
I grew in north Orange County, and now I live in Inland Empire.
When did you start skating?
 Two of my friends I was close with both had been skating for a few years so I started skateboarding with them when I was eleven years old.
First board?
  I had a couple hand me down boards, but the first board I remember going and picking out was Think Wade Speyer board, I was probably 13 and at that time I was only skating street and it was a really fun time.
 After a session we all went to one of my friends and he threw on Toy Machine- Welcome to hell, it was the first video I had seen and the skateboarding and music for the parts was really cool, I loved Jamie Thomas and Donny Barley part. 
Best sessions?
 So many rad times at Pala pool, bands raging all night, camp out and then skate in the morning. There was also a amoeba backyard pool in chino that we had some killer all night sessions with the generators and lights going. Sometime around 2011 I was leaning backside airs and skating the Combi pool, Christian Hosoi was there and giving me tips and I finally landed a good one and I felt it , but it made it so much more memorable him yelling and giving me a high five and telling me it was good one. 
How did the Terrordome come about?
 I have always loved the backyard sessions , when I bought my house I knew I wanted to build something to skate,but the place we found had a big yard and hill that provides a great view. I just wanted to build a bowl for people to come have a good time, and a place my son and I can skate, but I never expected The Terrordome would turn out the way it did.
  So it started with the word going around that I wanted to build a ramp and I got a call from Skreech and he said someone was getting rid of a bunch of wood from another ramp and bowl, we just needed to dismantle it and get it to my house, so my Dad ,Brandon, Skreech , Johnny Abernathy, and some other friends got to work.  I remember at one point we were all lowering big pieces, corners and templets down the side of this fifteen foot wall with a rope, the ramps were built on a tennis court and the parking was was below because it was in the hills. We got the wood to my house and it was just a bunch different size parts, it could have easily just ended up being a small bowl, but I think bigger the better! We threw around some ideas and just went off.  CW from Atomic Ramps helped a lot, my Dad, there was lot of people that would come and go, so I won't list them all, but they all contributed and I'm very thankful for all the help I got, the bowl took two years to finish.  The first Destroy the Terrordome event held one hundred fifty plus people, and the second event this last year was over two hundred fifty.  
Anything else?
 Back to the question you asked earlier about favorite years skateboarding, I would say now because of the non stop progression, and fun I enjoy with my son, friends and new people I meet threw skateboarding. Ten years from now those will now be my favorite years of skateboarding. 

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