Tuesday, July 26, 2016

S1 Lifer Helmet for Life !

Dear S1 Helmets,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
My 9 year old son and I love to skateboard together, and have for a few years now, usually Saturday or Sunday mornings. Sunday, July 24, 2016, his S1 LIFER HELMET did exactly what you guys designed it to, no doubt! At our skatepark, he missed his line and took a header down the stair section. My son was knocked unconscious momentarily from the impact, but his S1 Lifer helmet took the worst of the fall (and has the marks to show for it!). Though he did fracture his arm and suffer bruises on his face, shoulders and hip, my son's skull and brain are just fine thanks to your dedication to safety. This father can not say THANK YOU enough. As his arm heals and bruises fade, we look forward to skating again very soon. 

Best Regards, 
Rich Unger
Riverview, FL

Dear Rich,

Thanks for the email. That is so gnarly. So glad he is ok. So glad he was wearing a helmet. And very glad it was a good helmet.
I have been getting calls from parents telling me their kids don't want to wear helmets at the skatepark because the pros skating in the Vans Skate Park Series contests aren't wearing helmets. And they ask me - What can I say to my kid? And I tell them this,"The skaters in that contest are pros - they are super talented and have been skating for a long time - and they are literally risking life and limb in the contest for money and/or recognition.  But the fact is ALL of the pro skaters invited to skate in that contest wore helmets up until the age of 13 -16. So we at S1 urge ALL parents  to make sure their kid has a helmet until he turns Pro.  :)

In summary - helmet stays on in the skatepark until you turn pro. When you are getting paid to sell the look of skateboarding you can take the helmet off. Until you are pro-  you are a skateboarding not participating in a fashion show. 

Hope that helps. 

Skate for life. 
S1 Helmets

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Skateboarding is gnarly. Wear a helmet.

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