Wednesday, April 26, 2017

S1 Lifer Helmet - Review about Sizing Liners

Why the lifer helmet works 
5 Stars

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liner
Posted By: G Love

The ability to easily replace the liners is one of the major benefits of purchasing the lifer helmet. It gets gross from sweat, has wear over time, or needs to be resized.
These liners are exactly what I was looking for and replacing it was as simple as removing the old one from the velcro, throwing it away, and tossing on the new one.

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S1 Sizing Liners

XS (not shown) Gray
S (Red)
M (Beige)
L (Black)
XL (Green)
2XL (Blue)
3XL (Purple) ie: thinnest liner

the bigger your head get a thinner liner.
these do not effect safety or impact protection.
the liners are for helmet fitting purposes only