Wednesday, May 3, 2017

S1 Helmet Company - Review - 5 Stars

5 Star Review
"I've been riding an S1 helmet since the early 2000s, but after taking a decent spill recently I decided to upgrade. I thought I'd stick to my roots and stay with S1, and after some research I'm so glad I did. S1 has come a long way in quality, safety, and attention to detail. They've really raised the bar on these Lifer certified helmets. Everything about this helmet is solid. There is no give to the frame and foam, making it rigid and durable. Yet the liner makes it super plush, snug, and comfortable. After seeing and wearing this helmet, I was amazed at the high quality at such a reasonable price. The fit guide was spot on, and it is so awesome of them to send extra-sizing pads just in case. It shows that they really want your helmet to be perfect for you. Shipping was excellent, I received my helmet within 2 days. This shows they really want to get the product out to you quick because they know it's good. I was happy to buy from such an awesome company, and I will definitely be recommending them to everyone.  " - Adam