Friday, May 5, 2017

S1 Lifer Helmet - Customer Review

Best helmet I've used, and I'm old enough to have used a lot! 
5 Stars

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Bright Red Gloss
Posted By: olaf 

I've been skateboarding 34 years and used many different kinds of helmets. The S1 lifer is definitely the best of the bunch. 1st impression for a new user is the remarkable difference in weight compared to their old helmet. Not long after, the exceptional fit will bubble to the top, hopefully a long time after or never will the superior melon protection come to play. The concept of the "crush zone" for traumatic impact is not a new one, but S1 has pioneered the application to action sports. I actively promote their product because the people I ride with are my friends and I want to ride with them as long as possible. Thanks S1!