Friday, July 28, 2017

S1 x Lonny Hiramoto Helmets

"I remember watching Lonny win the Free Former Runway bowl contest on television in 1978... It was so insane!!!" - Lester Kasai 

Lonny Hiramoto likes the fit and great certified protection of the S1 Lifer Helmet and he
wanted to add some old school 70's paint lines to it. I said heck yeah ! The Lonny Hiramoto Collab Series was born. Check the site to see which helmets are in stock now.

Interview with Lonny Hiramoto 7/27/17
How old are you now and how old were you when you started skating? 52. Born in 1965 and started skating at age 11
How/ why did you start wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet? Lester Kasai always told me that he felt the S1 Lifer Helmets were the best and he felt safe wearing one. And I hit my head a couple of times in a different helmet and finally realized I need a good safe helmet.
What was your first local park? The Runway in Carson California
What is your all time favorite pool? It would have to be this pool we called the rock pool in Pedro I believe. This pool had a sick love seat and I used to like to see how high I can get on this one wall that was all rock and it had like 5 feet of vert.,It was sick!!!
Who was your first sponsor? My very first sponsor was C and wheels then I skated for a local shop called Sporting Ideas in Gardena then I got picked up by Kanoa Surf ,Gyro Wheels, Gullwing trucks, Delgado flyaway Helmets
Who are your sponsors now? Now I skate for Hosoi , S1 Helmets , Independent Trucks , Powerflex Wheels , Skeleton Key , Roots Clothing Co. , Immortal laces , I get shoes from Vans.
Who were your best friends that you skated with back in the day and who do you skate with now? Howard Hood we went everywhere together and we skated with Endo , Jake P , Monty Gibo , there are so many good friends we used to have killer seshs together LMAO……. Now I skate a lot with Lester , Bennett , Christian , Shota Kubo , Eric Dressen , Endo , Monty Gibo many more LMAO when we sesh its always with a crew lol
What contests have you won? The only first place one was at my home park The Runway and placed 10th at High Roller
Tell me about the Runway Park what features did it have? The Runway was a park that was huge. Noone liked it because everything was BIG. And that’s what made it so fun , Howard and I skated that Bowl which was 17 ‘ deep and the snake runs and it had a long down hill with banks which was like a place called the funnel but way better and faster.
Do you think they should put snake runs like they had at Runway in new skateparks? Totally! snake runs are the best!
What is one feature of the old skateparks that should be put into new skateparks? For sure Snake runs.
What else is in your life besides skating? I’m just a normal guy., work and go skate as much as I can !#skaterslife LMAO

What do you think when I say S1 Helmets? Quality helmets… and people that care about making safe, quality helmets. S1 was the first helmet company to make a great fitting certified helmet.

S1 Lifer Helmet x Lonny Hiramoto Collab Helmets from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

"Hi everybody. I'm Lonny Hiramoto here at S1 Helmet Co. I've been skating since 1977 / 1978. I just really think its cool I'm in an S1 Lifer Helmet ... a certified helmet and being able to have my old look back when I was 13 years old - sporting these colorful stylish helmets and still be able to be safe and feel safe w/ a certified helmet." - Lonny Hiramoto
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